Regeneration of turbochargers, injectors, injection pumps, PLD for Kirovets – Kirowiec

Regeneracja turbosprężarek, wtryskiwaczy, pomp wtryskowych, PLD do Kirovets – Kirowiec

Hoffman Company specializes in fuel injection apparatus and engine supercharging. Weregenerate pumps for machines and tractors of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian production.

A rare vehicle, although found in heavy agriculture and forestry, sometimes a constructionvehicle is the Kirowiec (Kiroviec or Kirovets) vehicle. It is a company founded at the very beginning of the 19th century. Agricultural machinery is asmall part of the entire production of this tycoon.

Our company deals with professional regeneration of turbochargers in these vehicles. Each turbocharger is individually repaired using a low and high speed balancer. After balancing the entire turbocharger assembly goes to the test bench and there is a full performance test carried out there, as well as dynamic valve and geometry settings (in the latest systems).

Video of balancing a turbocharger

In the case of injection pumps and injectors, we regenerate old injection solutions used, for example, in Kirovets T150 where there was a Russian in-line injection pump, or a distributor pump with two pressing sections that separate „three injectors per section”.

We also repair systems for the latest Kirovets models with Bosch PLD single pump systems, as well as with traditional pumps and CommonRail systems (e.g. KirowiecKirovets XTZ-243K.20). It is worth mentioning here that Mercedes and less often Volvo engines are used in new Kirovts. One such Mercedes engine model is

The repair of commonrail injectors is carried out in accordance with the highest manufacturers’ standards, using Bosch, Hartridge and Magneti Marelli devices. We work with the latest technologies, using electronic, programmable torque wrenches to mount injectors. The wrench measures not only the tightening force, but also the steering angle and tightening speed. These are very important repair points, because correct installation sets the atomizer with the right stresses and has a huge impact on the life of the injector.

We test commonrail pumps at the EPS 708 stand. We can repair various CR pump systems, e.g. Bosch CP4, CP3, Delphi, Simens-Continental and Denso systems.

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We regenerate injection pumps, PLD pumps, injectors and turbochargers for the following models:

  • Kirowiec K700
  • Kirowiec K-700 A (produced in the years 1961-2002 in version A) with the engine YaMZ-238NB
  • Kirov K702 Loader, YaMZ-238ND3-1 engine,
  • Kirowiec K703M
  • Kirov T-150
  • Kirov T150A
  • Kirovec K-744R tractor from 2014- YaMZ-238ND4 engine, available models
  • K-744R1, YaMZ / Tutayevsky MZ 300 HP engine
  • K-744R2, Tutayevsky MZ 350 HP engine, or Mercedes – Benz 354 HP
  • K-744R3, Tutayevsky MZ 390 HP engine, or Mercedes – Benz 401 HP
  • K-744R4, Tutayevsky MZ 420 HP engine, or Mercedes – Benz 428 HP
  • Kirovets К-744Р JAMZ and TMZ engines, and Mercedes
  • Kirovets K-744 P2, TMZ-8481.10 engine, Mercedes OM460LA E3A / 5
  • Kirovets K-744P3, TMZ-8481.10-02 engine, Mercedes OM460LA E3A / 4 with Bosch fuel injection system
  • Kirowiec K-744 P4, TMZ-8481.10-04 engine, Mercedes OM460LA E3A / 4
  • Kirovets 9000 (Kirowiec 9000), K-9000
  • Kirovets XTZ-243K.20 (successor to the Kirowiec T150), YaMZ-536 engine, CommonRail fuel injection systems
  • Kirovets K-424, YAMZ 6 cylinder engine, YaMZ-53625, 240 HP with commonrail system
  • Kirovets K7

Other Russian, Belarusian models of machines and tractors:

  • MTZ – page link
  • Belarus – page link
  • Władimirrzec T-25
  • PALESSE GS16, Mercedes OM 502LA engine
  • PALESSE FS60, engine YaMZ-236BE-3,
  • PALESSE CS-200, engine D-260.4S3A-698
  • Palesse MS-6, YAMZ engine
  • Palesse GS12A-1, engine YaMZ-65857-03
  • Palesse GS12 / KZS-1218, engine JaMZ-238DE-22
  • PALESSE GS10 / KZS-10K, JaMZ-236BE2-28 engine
  • PALESSE GS812 / KZS-812, engine JaMZ-236NE2-47
  • PALESSE GS575, MMZ D-260.1 engine
  • PALESSE FS8060, Mercedes ОМ 502 LA engine
  • PALESSE FS80, Mercedes-Benz ОМ 502 LA or Volvo TAD13.53 engines
  • PALESSE FS60, engine YaMZ-236BE-3

Types of injection pumps used in Kirovets – Kirovets and other Eastern production vehicles:

  • 221.111100425 – two-section distributor injection pump x 3 Kirowiec T150
  • 21.1111004-50 – distributor four-cylinder injection pump, single section to LTZ
  • 11041111 – in-line injection pump, YUMZ D245C, D243 C engine
  • 4UTNI-T-1111007-401 – inline injection pump with turbocharger correction used MTZ 1025, engine MMZ – D245
  • 4UTNI-T-1111007-521 – Injection pump with turbocharger correction used MTZ 952, engine D245.5
  • 5,000 973 – Injection pump, DT75, A41
  • 54-1111004-50 – distributor injection pump for D-144, LTZ
  • 21.21111004-16T – T25 pump, older model with narrow coupling, 2PLMY-D120-1000 – Chinese replacement for T25 Władimirzec pump, D120 engine
  • 53.21111004-42T – distributor injection pump (2 cyl), single section used in T25 (newer model)
  • 627.1111005.00.02 – six-section inline injection pump used in MTZ 1522, engine D260
  • PP4M10U1F-3488 – four-cylinder in-line injection pump by Motorpal used in the D243 engine
  • 4UTNI111100521 – Inline injection pump used in MTZ, NZTA, MMZ, MTZ 80, MTZ 82, MTZ 820, engine D243
  • 4UTNI-T-1111005-01 – in-line injection pump, with turbocharger corrector, MTZ – MTZ 1025 used, MMZ engine – D245
  • 664762.03.78 – eight-cylinder in-line injection pump for Kirowiec K700A, Kraz, MAZ

 Turbochargers for eastern vehicles, machines and engines that we regenerate:

  • C14-126-01, C14-126-02 – turbocharger, application Belarus 920.3, Belarus 952.3, engine D245.5S, D-245.5S2
  • C14-101, C14-126 -01, C14-179, 3990014101 – turbocharger application Belarus, MTZ 890, MTZ895, MTZ 950, MTZ 952
  • TKR-11H1 – Kirovets turbocharger, Kirowiec T-150
  • TKR-6.00.01 – turbocharger for MTZ 890, MTZ 895, MTZ 950, MTZ 952, MTZ 1005, MTZ 1025
  • TKR 6-00.01 turbocharger for the D-245.27, D-245S-435/437 engine on the MTZ 922, 923, YuMZ, VTZ, LTZ, Gomselmash, DST Amkodor
  • TKR 6-00.02 turbocharger for engine D-245.12S- 143/231/365/368 on ZIL-4331 (car door)
  • TKR 6-00.03, Turbocharger for RM 80, RM 120, MTZ 100, Zil 5301
  • TKR 6-00.04 turbocharger for D-245.12S (ZZGT)
  • TKR 6-00.06 turbocharger for the D -246 engine
  • TKR 6-00.07 D-245 turbocharger
  • TKR 6-01.01 turbocharger D-245.5, D-245.5S-439 (MTZ)
  • TKR 6-01.07 turbocharger for the D245.5 engine
  • TKR 6-01.08 turbocharger for the D-245.16S engine
  • TKR 6-01.09 turbocharger for the D-245.5S engine
  • TKR 6-02.05 turbocharger for D-245.7-628 engine (GAZ)
  • TKR 6-03.10 turbocharger for D-245.43S2, 245.5S2 (MTZ) engineTKR 6-00.11 turbocharger for the D-245.12S engine – GAZ 66
  • TKR 6-00.12 turbocharger for D-246.4 engine
  • TKR 6-00.13 turbocharger for D-246.4 engine
  • TKR 6-00.14 turbocharger for D-245.5 engine – VTZ, Volgograd