Regeneracja turbosprężarek, wtryskiwaczy, pomp wtryskowych, PLD do Kirovets – Kirowiec

Hoffman Company specializes in fuel injection apparatus and engine supercharging. Weregenerate pumps for machines and tractors of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian production.

A rare vehicle, although found in heavy agriculture and forestry, sometimes a constructionvehicle is the Kirowiec (Kiroviec or Kirovets) vehicle. It is a company founded at the very beginning of the 19th century. Agricultural machinery is asmall part of the entire production of this tycoon.

Our company deals with professional regeneration of turbochargers in these vehicles. Each turbocharger is individually repaired using a low and high speed balancer. After balancing the entire turbocharger assembly goes to the test bench and there is a full performance test carried out there, as well as dynamic valve and geometry settings (in the latest systems).

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Maximec and Minimec pump regeneration – SIMS

We regenerate older generation injection pumps from Sims / CAV / Lucas and now Delphi. SIMS injection pumps are arranged in a row section with a camshaft. Smaller pumps are Minimec models with a centrifugal speed controller. They are mainly used in construction machinery, agricultural tractors and stationary devices. They were often mounted on Perkins, Leyland and Ford engines.

Application of Maximec pumps:

Larger engines are usually equipped with Maximec pumps with 6 to 12 cylinders. This type of pump can be found in the Perkins, Ford, MTU / Rolls Royce, Leyland engines. These engines are used in large power generators, mines, ships in locomotives.


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